Friday, March 16, 2007

SRAM Barcons

I like barend shifters a lot. I have Dura Ace 9spd barcons on two of my bikes and they would be my first choice on any new bikes or if I was replacing worn out equipment. Until now Shimano was the only game in town and they wouldn't work in indexed mode with a SRAM rear dérailleur. With the new SRAM barcons you can use a SRAM X.9 rear dérailleur - like the one on my Volae. I am tempted to swap out my gripshifters for a set of these, but that seems like an unnecessary expense. I'll stick with the gripshifters this riding season and if I am not in love with them at the end I'll swap them out over the winter.

Click on the pic above to read the press release for these shifters.


MSRP = $195USD

It sounds like these shifters will only work with the SRAM road der [not confirmed just what I understand so far] and since there is no triple chainring SRAM setup this may not be all that useful to most bents. I'll continue to update as I get info and I am sure SRAM will keep evolving the product.

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