Monday, March 12, 2007

Lumotec LED Primary & E6 Secondary Lighting Woes

The trick dynohub lighting setup for a number of randos is to use a LED Lumotec primary light & E6 secondary light. The benefit of this combination is that the LED provides ample light at slow speeds and the E6 secondary light would come on automatically when speeds increased. Running dual E6's you would need to manually switch the secondary E6 on and off as there isn't enough power at low speeds to power both lights.

However, it appears that quite a few people are having intermittent problems with this combination of lights. Peter White and the folks that make the Schmidt lights in Germany are investigating, but no resolution has been reached yet.

Dual E6's and dual Lumotec lights seem to work just fine - it is only this one combination that is causing trouble.

Just a FYI in case anyone is looking at getting some lights for their rando bike.


Steeker said...

almost time for your new light set up report right ???? :-p ..

Vik said...

Well I should get the SON hub built up on Wednesday. I'll definitely get a night ride in by Saturday and I will dutifully report on the performance of the solidlights 1203D.

It should rock!

Amy said...

I'm another one of those that burned up an e-6 as a secondary light with my Lumotec. My Lumotec is still working fine but not sure what I'm going to do for the upcoming brevet season - we will find out soon what the story is.