Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm back....

...on my bent. I rode her in to work today. I jumped on the C-Train for 25kms to the end of the line and then rode 25kms to work. Once I get some miles in my legs I'll ride the whole 50kms each way, but I have to remember that my bent is fairly new in my stable and I need to take it easy for the first while. My average speed was 23.5kph which isn't bad at all considering my lack of bent legs, all the climbing on my commute and the fact I was intentionally taking it easy. Unlike last Fall I didn't resort to the granny gear and I didn't even make it all the way through my rear cluster on the climbs. I had lots left, but I kept reminding myself getting carried away on the first ride or two will end in tears - or at least in icepacks and ibuprofen!

It doesn't take much to remind me why riding a bike is soooooooo much better than driving a car. You feel great, see more and you get to have a lot of fun on the way to work - time that would otherwise be lost.

My handling skills need a bit of work. After my Baja tour in Dec I was getting pretty cocky with how well I could handle a loaded touring bike. I have to remember I don't have that kind of time in on my bent and I need to be a little humble at first this season. It's nothing major, to a casual observer I am on top of my game, but when you are used to being a really competent DF rider small differences in abilities seem quite dramatic. I know that it will work itself out. All I have to do is keep spinning the pedals.

One thing that was really amazing was how well my Volae punched through the wind. On downhills I was over 50kph without pedaling. I'd have to have stayed on the pedals to do that on my R800. I also realized I need a bigger top gear I was spinning out at 55kph in my biggest gear. Must have more speed!!!...=-)

I can't express how great it is to be back on the road. I love Canada March through September, but October through February all I can think is..."..beam me up Scotty...crank her up to warp 9 and let's find a nice warm planet with some blue hotties..."...=-)


Steeker said...

your soo lucky to get out , I am used to spinning up hills so I should be ok on the bent, ride safe ride far

leo said...

Hey, Vik how's it going. I really appreciate reading your posts and blogs as i find myself in a very similar position in my cycling life. I too just bought a highracer (a 2007 bacchetta Giro 26) yesterday as i was experiencing enough problems on the upright to justify it. I too dream of riding multiple centuries in relative comfort and hope the Bent will help me reach this goal. So far (all 20 hours i've owned it) i love riding it, very easy to pick up all things considered. My "bent muscles" are weak, though and i need to, as you are doing, take it slow and build up to longer rides. This will also be my first season of randonneuring and i a bit dissapointed that i sort of have to start all over again building up base miles on the bent as 60 miles on the upright was getting pretty easy (except for the ass). Well, just wanted to offer a bit of appreciation/empathy towards the bent conversions we are both experiencing. I was already weird as a year round commuter, i guess not weird enough. Either way i figure we might start a bit of a correspondence either through email or blog/forum to strengthen the contingent of ultradistance bent riders (or just to share trial and tribulations and advice).
Sweet volae, btw.

take care,
Leo in Boston
(ldesfor1@ithaca on bikeforums)

Vik said...
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Vik said...

Hey Leo,

Thanks for the comment. I am really surprised how many rookie randos I have run into on the various forums and this blog. Its great!

That's cool that you got a Giro 26 - they look very nice. Quite similar to my Volae Expedition I think. Should make a very capable - not to mention comfortable rando bike.

Definitely would be nice to chat and keep up on each other's rando/bent exploits. I'll try and PM you on BF - my email is threeohm at gmail dot com.

Send some pics of your new bike!

Vik said...

Leo - can't find you on BF so you'll have to email me.