Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fujin Fenders

Eric mounted fenders on his Fujin SL2 - great job! Click on the pic to above to see more images.

Here is his description of how it was done [stolen from BROL]:

"The thought of not riding during our typically soggy northwest winters vs. covering the bike as well as myself with winter goo stimulated my drive to fender my SLII, as sacreligious as it seemed last October. The rear was easy. An old style 700c freddy fender was easily adapted by discarding the plastic clamp, drilling four holes in the fender and and using zip ties around the brake bridge. The stays bolted to the large and apparently functionless hole in the back dropout and the fender had enough elasticity to be pulled in to match the curve of the 650 rear tire. That was too easy and my confidence in a successful completion was shattered when I discovered that freddy doesn't make a narrow 20" front fender. The carbon fork on an SLII also doesn't have any eyelets for fender attachment though by this time I had come to see zip ties as rather beautiful. The solution came after taking a relative to the airport and dropping in on Dale at Angle Lake Cyclery. The initial report was not favorable on the availability of narrow 20" fenders but Dale finally relented and broke a set of Moulton fenders and sold me the rear fender, a miscellaneous metal bracket which I adapted and pop riveted to the fender to attach to the brake bolt, and a couple of Cateye plastic brackets which got ziptied to the front fork and drilled out to accept standard bolts and nylock nuts. The Moulton rear fender is quite long and gives great coverage as well as making the front wheel look like a classic English motorcycle. I love the way it looks and it works great. Here's a link to some pictures of the front fender."

- Eric [BentSk8r]

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