Thursday, July 31, 2008

Planet Bike Superflash Stealth

My favourite taillight is the Planet Bike Superflash. It's bright, easy on batteries and only costs $14.75 at MEC. This is a good thing as I like to leave lights on my bikes so they are always ready when needed. With several bikes on the go at any given moment this would be a problem with a $150 taillight!

MEC finally got in the new Stealth version of these lights. Unless I'm missing something it's just the same light with a clear front and black rear case. Not really a big deal, but I guess if you are uber finicky about how your bike's appearance this new version might be worth looking at. Personally I just grabbed them because they were the same price as the old version and I am easily manipulated by marketing tricks like this...=-)


Ian said...

"...if you are uber finicky about how your bike's appearance..."

Well, I did just buy two of the Stealths myself to mount on the back of the Xtracycle. Liked the look of the black/clear on the XtraStreet. Somehow the white body on the original stood out WAY too much.

But yeah, great little lights. I'm actually contemplating a couple more and having four on the back of the X.

mosport said...

Picked up an original when MEC first started carrying them, recently bought a stealth and like the mismatched look, clear lens + white body / red lens + black body. If you have a few bikes, MEC also sells the bracket separately for a few bucks so you can move a light around easily.