Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nitehawk Emitter Helmet Light

In addition to my Solidlights 1203D I am planing on using a Nitehawk Emitter LED helmet light. On low this light will let me read route sheets and my bike computer. On high it will add to my high speed lighting and let me put light where I need it such as around corners. It will also act as back up light should my 1203D pack it in.

It uses a 1W Luxeon LED and some proprietary optics to focus the light into a tight spot. At 100% output the Nitehawk will run 9hrs on 4 AAs and at 10% it will run 72hrs [manufacturer's numbers not tested yet]. I would expect that one set of batteries will last me 2 or 3 nights worth of riding given I won't be using it on high all the time. Since it uses AAs resupply at gas stations will be easy and the battery case is on a long cord to keep the weight off your head.

When I get my next night ride on the highway in I'll bring this light along to test.

Note 1: this light is last generation from Nitehawk. I got it on sale at Nashbar. You can probably still get them if you look around at the on-line shops.

Note 2: some randos feel helmet mounted lights compromise the protection your helmet provides you. Look into this and decide for yourself.

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