Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Taifun lives....

Just a FYI and update to my previous post that Challenge had discontinue the Taifun.

Kelvin at Angletech just info'd me that apparently Challenge rec'd enough interest in the Taifun recently that they are keeping it in their line up. I don't know if that will be a long term decision, but for now anyways you can still order one.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vik, are you looking for a place that has Bacchetta's. Leduc bent guy posted that up in the best city in Alberta, there is a store with the B bikes. BTW, the World Championship was held in Brantford Ont, the home of Wayne Gretzky, Calgary's favourite player? :-). The store name is something like United Bikes.

BTW, I saw that you posted something about having the new "B" x-shirt. How good are the pockets?

Vik said...

I have a mild bent itch and certainly a Bacchetta Aero would be an awesome bike. I may test ride one next time I am in Edm.

The Bacchetta X-shirts are very nice and the front pockets make loads of sense. I think they'll be quite handy.

The only trouble is I won't be riding in just a jersey and shorts until late May most likely.