Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bob goes trike shopping...

Bob has a need for speed!

The trike smile.

Bentley Cycle hospitality.

"...must not buy trike, must not buy trike!.."

Bob gets comfortable with a WW Edge.

Laid back and loving it!


LG said...

Can mine be pink?

LG said...

This is a bike I can ride in a bikini. No chaffing.

Steeker said...

I love trikes but , they are too tight for me around the hips

Vik said...

I have to say being so low to the ground was a neat feeling and I can see how they'd be narrow around the hips. I think there are some wider trikes out there, but don't know which models specifically.

You'll love the Giro 20 and being able to lean through turns.