Friday, March 23, 2007

Bragg Creek Redux

Amidst the chaos of a crazy day getting ready to leave for a week out east I managed another ride to Bragg Creek and back. Notice the Rocky Mountain foothills in the distance.

Taking this pic was much harder than it looks! Sorry about the finger. I am actually having a lot more fun than my expression would suggest.

As Kent Peterson would say..."I am not a nutritional role model"

Its funny that even on a pedal powered bike you still end up at gas stations.

28.2kph average for 62kms. I need a better way to haul my bike around.


Anonymous said...

Okay Vik, when you say out east, how far east? When?

B Ottawa HPV group, we have contact with Toronto HPV group.

Vik said...
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Steeker said...

OI ! I know alot of the Toronto HPV group and just joined up.

Steeker said...

oh yea I like the top picture and the one with the snickers bar,, you got alot computers on your bars dude.

Anonymous said...

Love the comment about nutrition. Most of my 100 milers are accomplished with an omelet for breakfast and a foot long turkey breast sandwich halfway through. :-)

Dennis T

Vic said...

Hey Vik!

Looks like you're in TO this weekend. Would have been great to meet up with you, but my schedule's packed as it is. Maybe on your next time through town. :)

Enjoy your stay, and have a great ride to Ottawa.

Vic (HP Velotechnik Streetmachine)

Anonymous said...

Vik, I did not write down your phone number. Looks like we are going to miss each other this trip. If you brought a laptop to your conference you can connect with the HPV Ottawa group on IRC. Channel #hpv.

We have various types of bents in our group. Some Catrikes, Greenspeeds, hi-racers, Rans etc...