Thursday, March 15, 2007

SON Hub and Solidlights 1203D Installed

My LBS finally got an AeroHeat rim in and built up my SON hub into a wheel. The resulting 32H disc wheel should be plenty strong for my brevets. This wheel also has the honour of being the most expensive wheel I have ever bought for a bicycle. I don't actually want to add it all up, but lets just say - ouch!

I installed everything and did some quick wire management that will have to be revisited before I do any serious night riding. I want to be able to pull the wheel and the wiring off when not needed so I am going to have to give how I set it up some thought. So far I used two velcro straps. I'll probably add a wrap of electrical tape in two other spots for a little more security and it won't take long to add or remove the light that way.

Roads are crappy enough at the moment that I'll defer a night ride until Friday or Sunday. According to my highly scientific training plan I need a 50km ride next so it might as well be an after dark light test. I did spin the wheel and see my Solidlights 1203D come to life for the first time - cool.

One step at a time I guess....


Steeker said...

waiting for the results

Vik said...

Patience Grasshopper! Good things come to those that wait...=-)

I know this may come as a complete surprise, but I do have a life outside of bikes that does need a little attention from time to time.

However, in the meantime here is a link to a discussion of the Solidlights 1203D by some AUDAX UK riders - they seem quite enchanted by it: