Saturday, March 10, 2007

The ride home...

I took a slightly longer route back to the C-Train Station and managed an average of 26.7kph over 34kms. I would have had a 27kph average, but I got burnt on all 4 lights! I was a little more aggressive on the climbs and I can see that there are some gains to be made there with a lot of work. Micheal Wolfe's advice to me was to climb hills - lots of hills and I can see that's where I am going to get faster times - by attacking the climbs. On my DF bikes I like hills. I like the pain and I like the satisfaction of cresting a climb that I was quick on. I have started to find that same zone on my bent where it hurts, but it feels good to be doing something challenging my body was made to do.

I can't wait to ride to work tomorrow! Working on the weekend sucks, but at least if I get in 4hrs of riding that is some consolation.

PS - I really need a bigger top gear. I'll have to hit my LBS next week when I pick up my SON wheel and see what my options are without screwing up my shifting. My big gear right now is 52 x 11.

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