Sunday, March 18, 2007

Planet Bike Protege 8.0 - the bike computer I hate to hate...

I have something like 5 Cateye Mity 3 bike computers on various bikes. They work flawlessly and have all the functions I need. However, I was seduced by the Planet Bike Protege 8.0 when I ordered my Volae. It looks great and has a huge display so there is no need to toggle between screens to get the data you want. Perfect! Well almost - there is a fatal flaw I didn't notice at first - only one trip odo. Arrgh! That means once you start a ride you can't reset the trip odo to measure segments of the ride and still keep an overall ride distance. That sucks...=-(

I went so far as to mount a second bike computer [first a Mity 3 and then a polar CS100] on my Volae to give me a second trip odo. That works, but the first time I swapped in my dyno hub wheel and realized I need two more magnets and had to adjust everything to work with the second wheel - it became clear to me this setup was needlessly complex. So off with the Protege 8.0 and on with a Mity 3.

I'll find a home for the Protege 8.0 on one of my other bikes - a bike that won't be used while following a route sheet at 3am in the morning.

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