Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ortlieb Velocity 5 Month Review

Hansel says..."....Ortlieb is sooo hot right now!..."...=-)

Read my initial impressions here.

I bought this backpack at Rarified back at the start of December 2007. I love Ortlieb products and although I probably didn't need a new backpack the shinny black waterproof goodness of this bag called to me...=-) 5 months later it has become my favourite backpack supplanting my old favourite a Camelback Transalp. Part of the reason the Velocity has become my go to backpack is that it is a very useful/comfortable design. I can carry several days or groceries in it by leaving the top open and over stuffing it. I can carry a 17" wide screen laptop in it with total confidence that rain or snow will not reach my computer. It is very durable so I don't baby it. It gets plunked down on a slushy sidewalk while I root through it for something I need. The other part of the equation is the Velocity looks a whole lot less grubby than my 6 year old heavily battle worn Transalp. I'm not trying to look like Derrick Zoolander everywhere I go, but us single cyclists have to at least pay a little attention to our appearance...=-)

Back view: love the ergonomic harness - I added the mobile phone pocket.

  • 100% waterproof
  • extremely durable fabric
  • ergonomic shoulder straps and waist belt carry moderate loads well
  • Comfortable foam padding on back - also allows for ventilation
  • Derrick Zoolander would approve the aesthetic even if he couldn't spell aesthetic!
  • removable organizer pocket good for small items
  • useful size without being too large
  • can carry a 17" wide screen laptop

Interior organizer pocket: great for key, camera, notebook, etc..

Although I do love Ortlieb products this bag is not perfect.
  • It lacks a tab on the back to mount a red blinkie.
  • It has virtually zero reflective material on it. Given it is stealth black to begin with visibility at night is an issue.
  • Like all Ortlieb products it is essentially a big waterproof bag. It does have a small removable interior organizer for small items - which I use a lot, but that only provides a limit amount of potential organization.
Ortlieb's Specs for the Velocity.

SNEWS Review of the Velocity.

Rarified Velocity sale.


Dylster said...

Does that bag get hot on your back, or is it adequately ventilated?

Vik said...

So far it has been comfortable, but we haven't really hit hot weather yet so that is something I'll need to evaluate a bit later in the summer.

The pack does have foam back padding to promote air flow so I'm expecting it won't be any worse than the other packs I use.

ekins said...

Is the foam on the back porous or sealed? In other words is it going to absorb sweat like a sponge?

Vik said...

The foam padding on the back of the bag is closed cell foam so it won't absorb any moisture [rain or sweat] at all.