Monday, April 14, 2008

Chrome Shins

I wasn't 100% sure about these Chrome Shins [capris or man-pris as some of my female friends call 'em] when I was in Campione picking up some parts. I tried them on and liked them enough to take 'em home to do an extended trial on them. Their first mission was a late night dance party some friends were throwing. Not cycling related, but you definitely need comfy clothes to shake your butt all night. By the time the sun came up I was sold. They fit really well, looked good and had lots of pockets. I love pockets! They've got the normal two front and back pockets plus an uber secure zippered cargo pocket on each side. If you've got a little organizationally oriented OCD like me you'll be in heaven...=-)

Built from a durable 4 way stretch fabric they move with you so you can throw that round house kick or complete an urban assault obstacle course on your folding bike. If you are familiar with the new soft shell fabrics in the outdoors clothing line ups you'll recognize the same breathable, mostly windproof and abrasion resistant qualities in these pants. I've been a big fan of softshell jackets for a few years now. They are very versatile and go from the mountains to the city without complaint.

These capris have a lightly padded butt for biking comfort, however, you don't look like you've got a diaper on when you are playing frisbee or hanging out at your favourite java joint. The fit may seem slightly snug at first, but there is enough give to the fabric that it is quite comfortable and never feels constricting.

They only come in charcoal - good thing it looks good and is a neutral colour.

Expect to pay ~$145 - they're worth it.

You can see me styling it up in them here, here and here.

I like them so much I'll be looking for a second pair.

Here is what Chrome says about them:
  • Three quarter length technical cycling knickers. 4-way stretch, mid-weight, highly wind resistant, and breathable. Water resistant and quick drying. Feels like a fresh pair of Dickies except a little lighter, softer and super stretchy. Cut higher in the back and lower in the front. Features include cargo pockets, articulated knees, zippered fly, belt loops, lightly padded moisture wicking chamois seat.
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects. Made in San Francisco, USA. Machine Washable and Dryable
  • 91% Nylon 9% Spandex
  • Small: 28"-30" / inseam 21" Medium: 30"-32" / inseam 22" Large: 32"-34" / inseam 22.5" X-Large: 34"-37" / inseam 23"


Josh said...

I've been wanting a pair of Chromes, I may have to save up for some now.

STEWART said...

hey there - love the blog, has reinspired my enthusiasm for the bike as fun, not just as transport (i live in holland, where transport is the norm!)

I wondered about these trousers and went to the website and realised i've never seen this kind of fashion for urban or more relaxed cycling - it's always skin tight lycra - not super hip, huh!? So i would love to hear from you or others what the best brands are for this so i can maybe check them out's totally new to me, so dont be shy about stating the 'obvious'

Vik said...

Hey Stewart,

Thanks for the kind words.

I'm not up on all the latest hip cycling clothing, but here are some brands I wear a lot:

Prana is designed for climbing & yoga, but works well on the bike.

Sickle is made for climbing, but I like their 3/4 pants a lot for biking.

Chrome makes the Shins which I like a lot. I haven't tried any of their other clothing items, but I will definitely do so in the future.

Patagonia shirts and pants work great for casual urban biking. You'll look stylish and stay cool and dry with these performance fabrics.

nollij said...

I've been riding my shins for well over a year now: I still love them. They are a bit fitted, but with the stretch inherent in them, they are totally comfortable on and off the bike. I would like another pair, but they are quite expensive. My only caveat to these manpris is that since they are made from synthetics, they tend to stink rather quickly if you sweat a lot (which I do). I can wear mine for 2 days, but if I'm sweating a lot, they stink a lot by the end of the second day. YMMV or course, but I have to was mine fairly often. I worry about them wearing out from all the washing, but they're doing well so far.