Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Turtle Lights Have Gone Turbo

Two LEDs for double your pleasure while riding. Very handy as emergency lights you can leave on your bike and as added firepower to your main lights. Note I do not approve of these as your main lights - even for visibility purposes. They just are not bright enough to keep you safe on their own. Click on the pic for more details.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of lights, one of our members HPVOoO comes to our weekly dinner with his little light set. He has the 10 watt HID lights from Planet Bike, is that ever blinding. BTW, MEC has a 1 watt super LED light for $11.25, and it is brighter than my Princeton Tec 1 watt LED light. As tested in my garage any ways. BTW, MEC sells the CR2032's for $.50.


Vik said...

Is the MEC 1W LED regulated? Keeping the light output consistent as the battery voltage drops is a nice feature of the EOS. I'm probably good, headlamp-wise, for a a couple years, but I'll check out the MEC offerings next time I'm in need!

Thanks for the tip on the cheap CR2032s!