Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting Bent?

"Dear Lazy Randonneur:

I've been reading your blogs for a while now. At first, I thought these "bents" were utterly ridiculous. Like, really really ridiculous. But in the past week, I have started thinking that they are kinda cool. At first, I think it was a yellow one, then more recently it was an orange one. And today a black one.

Sigh. Two questions come to mind. Do they make these bikes for hobbit sized people that ride 47 cm cyclocrosses? And exactly how many more days until I graduate?

P.S. The suggestion about the Patagonia half mass bag was good. They fit well, and are a reasonable size. Now to find a store that doesn't just sell feces coloured ones.

The girl with 3 cats, 2 bikes, and 2 feet"

Dear Cat/Bike/Foot Girl,

Bents are cool for two reasons - they are comfortable and efficient ways to get around. The low variety I am presently riding are ideal for those riders who are short on stature. With a seat height of about 12" you can easily put both feet on the ground. Black is one of the faster colours as well as looking very fine...=-) I have had some good luck finding cheaper used bents so should you wish to go to the dark side I can help you do so at a reasonable cost.

I can't tell you how many days until you graduate, but I can suggest you special order in that Patagonia Half Mass Bag or mail order it.

Be well - ride often!



Michael said...

The problem, even with lower bents, is does she have a long enough inseam to get her feet past the front wheel? And if so, does she have to deal with hard crank interference with the front wheel? Important questions that really should be answered. Don't buy without a test ride!

Vik said...

A test ride would definitely be a good idea. Sarah is able to ride the Hurricane with no hard interference between 175mm cranks and the front wheel.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vik, you should try to borrow a shorter set of cranks for Sarah to try. 175 is very long, my bud builder2 has cut all of his cranks down to between 135-155. And his bents range from a Rocket to homebuilt low lwb Marauder clone.

B aka Otto_lt on IRC

Vik said...

I think the cranks on the Hurricane are integrated with the huge big chainring. I'm probably not going to mess with that unless she has problems. For every person I hear about doing well with short cranks on bents I hear about another doing fine with longer ones. Eventually when they need replacing I'll look for a 170mm pair - unless she has some issue that suggests short cranks might be the solution.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. I am curious to find out how hard it will be to find a bent that will fit me. I barely fit adult bikes with my 29-30 inch legs.

Counting down days until graduation and a "real job" and more bikes,
cat bike foot girl

Vik said...

Come down and try Sarah's some time...=-)