Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2 Kinds of Octalink

There are two different kinds of Octalink splines! I didn't know this - in fact neither did three different LBS. I can tell you from personal experience no matter how hard you try you can't get a crank with an Octalink V1 spline to fit onto a BB with an Octalink V2 spline.

Once I realized I had a problem [thanks Sheldon Brown for the pic above] I went in search of an Octalink V1 BB for my Taifun to match the 105 cranks I was trying to put on. None of the LBS near me would even admit there were two different Octalink splines let alone have the correct BB in stock.

MEC came to the rescue having exactly what I needed in stock at a reasonable price - they even knew there were 2 different Octalink splines - nicely done MEC!

BTW - if you have an older 105 crank with the Octalink V1 spline that you want to put on a Taifun the 68 x 118.5 Shimano 105 BB works like a charm.

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