Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Hurricane gets Radical...

We have been working on Sarah's Hurricane the last little while getting everything adjusted and dialed in for her. She has a FBS Frame Bottle Holder under the left side of the seat to keep her water bottle handy. We got the brakes adjusted nicely. They seem to work well and once you understand how to get them setup they are very simple to work with. Someday I'll have to learn how to fill and bleed the hydraulics - maybe over the winter! Her Time ATAC pedals from the Rocket have found a new home on the Hurricane now that she is feeling confident on it and can clip in while riding.

We came up with a cunningly simple, but effective neck rest. The Radical Designs rack bag has bottle holders so she can keep three bottles on the go.

The rack bag holds about 20L of gear and has a tab at the rear for a safety flag and light.

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking job you guys did. BTW, some grey or black coloured mesh material would make it look like it belonged there. As for the brake bleeding, Sheldon probably has tips as would the web master as he has them on his Greenspeed tandem. How about a few more photos of here bicycle to show her handiwork too! :-)