Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jeremey lends a hand...

I went over to Jeremy's shop at work yesterday to get some help fitting fenders to my Fujin and getting some parts fabricated that will strengthen the fenders mounts at the rear of my Taifun. His company builds airport luggage conveyor belts so they have loads of cool machines all over the place. Thanks for your help Jeremy. I'm excited to see the end result in a couple weeks. I appreciate you are a busy guy with a growing family and mega-home renos going on. Taking time to sort out my problems was very generous..=-)


Damanick said...

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Jerome said...

Not a problem at all Vik. You've been far more than generous to me.

I appreciate your patience and taking the time to let me learn the wild world of bents.

Also, all the swag you unloaded on me, many many thanks.

BTW, do you mind if I steal some of these pics for my blog?

Cheers my friend.

Anonymous said...

Can you post some really close and detailed photos of the fix up you did. More people are getting various bents with disc brakes and are having difficulty attaching fenders and racks. And then post to BROL.


Vik said...

Have a look at August 10th - those are all the pics I have at the moment. Jeremy is going to help me fab up some bits for the rear of the Taifun so I can do away with the zipties, but how the fenders are mounted won't really change.

I won't have the new mounts until sometime in September as I am going away soon for a holiday.