Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dear Lazy Randonneur...

"I have recently moved into a new apartment, which does not have a special bike hall way. I don't like leaving my bikes on the balcony, and would prefer not to get rid of my kitchen table. But...the kitchen seems to be the most sensible place to store the bikes. What is the most space efficient way of storing my bikes in my kitchen and still get my damage deposit back when I move out? ( I don't want to drill huge holes in the walls).


-The girl with 3 cats, 2 bikes and 2 feet."

Dear Cat/Bike/Foot Girl,

Get yourself to MEC and buy a Delta Michelangelo Bike Stand. It's the best $87.00 you'll ever spend. I have been using one for 3 years now and actually have another in a box ready to deploy once winter hits and I won't be riding my recumbents as much. No installation required - just assemble the rack and lean it against a wall. It will just stay in place like magic. You have want to hang something so that the handlebars of your bikes don't touch the wall leaving marks and I also put a small piece of cloth at the top of the stand where it touches the wall to avoid marking. Mine is show partially in the pic above. I'll post a better pic this evening for you.

Whatever you do do not put your bikes on the balcony...that is just mean. You wanted two bikes so take care of them and treat them right.

- Lazy


Jerome said...

That bike on the far right is sure a nice one!

Anonymous said...

Put some $2.xx rubber covered hooks in the ceiling. It will leave a hole no bigger than what is left when some on hangs macrame. I have a bud here in Ottawa who has left his couch aways from the wall. He has put a runner on the floor, and keeps his Catrike Road there. He did sell his Burley Nomad to me because he did not want it taking up too much room, which BTW I hang in the garage over my Burley tandem. I do not see what the problem of hanging bicycles in an apartment is, as long as you close holes when you leave it is fine. This way you do not have to worry about your bicycle or parts being taken from some bike room.

Vik said...

I'm a un-handy person so if this is a dumb question forgive me - do you need to find a particular spot in the ceiling to drill into - like a stud in the wall and if so will a stud finder work?

3 cats, 2 bikes and 2 feet girl said...

Thanks, Lazy

I was thinking about mounting hooks hanging one of the bikes in the storage room, but I wanted storage for both bikes that didn't involve hauling the bikes across the white carpet.

I like the idea of a rack that will hold multiple bikes. And one that I can move around and not commit to drilling holes (yah- I have commitment issues, especially when it comes to non-white walls). The local road bike shop offered to order a spring- loaded pole that rests on the ceiling and floor and hold 3 bikes, but he thought the price would run closer to 300$.

I am going to head over to MEC this evening. You are right, leaving the bikes on the balcony is plain mean. Even for my old mountain bike. They deserve better. In fact, maybe I will let my cross sleep with me in my bed.

Anonymous said...

I have only done it in my garage, and the 2*4s are exposed for the wall hooks. And the ceiling panels have not been mudded over for the ceiling hooks. So it is easy to find the studs. I think you should ask the question on BROL or try a small hole 16in from wall. I have never used a stud finder so can not answer how it works. Also I think that some macrame holders/hooks have a special end that splays out when pushed through a hole. BTW, I use two hooks per hanging, instead of just one.