Saturday, August 11, 2007

RANS Rocket is Sold - Thanks!

Sarah's 2007 RANS Rocket is for sale. The bike is essentially stock and in almost new condition. There are a few scratches here and there, but you'd have to be looking pretty closely to see them. She has put under 1000kms on it. I am including the RANS seat bag [worth $100] shown. I can put some platform pedals on the Rocket or sell it without pedals.

I paid $1295 CDN for it this year new and $100 for the seat bag. I'll sell it for $950USD/$1000CDN shipped anywhere in Canada or the US.


Anonymous said...

You sure, maybe you want to do the stuff to the Rocket that Tom Barone did. He changed the seat to an M5, and basically changed it to a lower version of his Aero. A lot of people who started on the Rocket or V-rex have gone back and purchased another one because they are so much fun. I will never sell my Rocket, I will just upgrade and use as a commuter.


Vik said...

Ya...I'm afraid that while the Rocket is a great bike the Hurricane fills pretty much the same niche - touring, commuting - fun rides.

I'd rather free up space in my apt and get a few $$$ for it. If not I'll end up storing it in the barn and my boss' acreage. It will just get dusty and rusty out there.

Jerome said...

Wow, that was a fast sale. Nice work. Were you able to sell it locally?