Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little Circles

Mike B is starting a practical biking business - selling utility/commuter bikes and will also be designing bike products for everyday riders- click on the pic above to visit his site:

"Little Circles is a journey towards a human powered, human scaled life. I'm working to build a business that creates sustainable alternatives for moving about - while working (and documenting) to extract myself and my family from our dependence on the fossil fueled steel exoskeletons that dominate our culture. I'm interested in practical pedaling - its simplicity, its beauty, and its sometimes wet, cold, and snowy reality in the wonderful city of Burlington, Vermont. I expect to make my fair share of mistakes, and plan to document both the successes and failures here.

Initially I'll be focusing on bikes and gear for the rest of us - the grocery getters, the kid haulers, the commuters, the moms, dads, and the practical pedalers.

Inspired by our friends across the pond Little Circles is New England's first dealer of fine Dutch bicycles. I am currently special ordering Dutch Azor city bikes and the brilliant Bakfiets.nl cargo bikes. I adapt these to New England's terrain with lower gearing and 8 speed hubs and they come stock with dynamo powered lights, fenders and a chaincase for everyday, all conditions riding. Kid tents, cargo covers, bags, and panniers are also available. Sales are currently web (and phone) only and lead times vary based on quantities available from our importer and shipment schedules coming across the Atlantic. I'll be stocking these in quantity in the not so distant future.

As I gain a toehold the stable of bikes and gear for the cycling life will continue to grow and I'll also be introducing products of my own design and manufacture - including an updated version of the rain cape and spats as well as a handmade wooden bike designed to help the little ones learn to balance.

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading."

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mike said...

Vik -

Thanks for the link! Hoping to make it to your side of the continent next year for a randonee...

Keep on posting - I enjoy the bent pics and stories. Makes me want to try a few out.