Sunday, August 19, 2007


Who loves you baby?


werner said...

hy vik,

how works the schwalbe-KOJAK in comparison to the marathon-SLICK ???

(speed-abilities, puncture-protection, damping, grip
and durability)

by the way:
i am an owner of a hurricane and a fujin sl-II, too

thanks for all informations
greetings from austria


werner said...
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Vik said...

Hi Wetner,

Send me some pics of your bikes if you have any handy!

So far I like the Kojaks a lot. They seem fast and the ride is comfortable. I haven't had any flats, but I rarely get flats so it is hard for me to judge that aspect of tires.

Although Sarah has some Marathon Slicks I can't compare them as I haven't ridden her bike much. My feeling is the Kojaks will be faster, plusher and less durable than the Marathon Slicks.