Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks for the Feedback...

Thanks for all the well reasoned feedback on which direction to take this blog. The response was almost exactly 50/50 in support of keeping everything in one spot and having separate blogs for each topic. I can certainly appreciate the arguments in favour of both concepts. At first I was baffled as to how to proceed since there was no clear consensus, but then I realized it was possible to make everyone happy. I'll be splitting up each content stream into its own blog, but I will also publish all the posts on a unified blog. Blogger isn't setup to do this automatically, but the additional effort should not be major issue. I have a friend who is a heavy duty web developer so perhaps I'll end up with a custom site that will be able to provide multiple feeds in a more flexible way than blogger, but for now I'll keep using the blogger tools. You won't see any major changes overnight. I still need to ponder how to make things work the way I want them.

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