Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ortlieb Sale @ Rarified

The folks at Rarified are having a sale on some of their Ortlieb messenger bags and packs. I've been using a Velocity pack I bought from them for the past 4 months and really like it - review on the way. I just thought I'd pass on the info in case anyone is looking for some durable waterproof bags. As a disclaimer I have no financial interest in the store or these bags.

The prices below do not include shipping.

Zip City [small] grey/white or silver/black [not shown] - $100cdn

Zip City [medium] black - $116cdn

Velocity - $100cdn silver/black

Velocity $100cdn yellow/black

If you are interested in any of these bags contact Rarified at:
  • 403.939.4042


ottovelo said...

oh what do I love the brand. I have two sling bags, and total plus cycling bags set. All still in use every day, the oldest are from 7 years ago or something like that, and still waterproof!

Vik said...

Yes I love Ortlieb as well. I gave a friend some back roller panniers to use for commuting. They are over 12yrs old and going strong!