Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Fujin-ator!

It feels great to be out on the highway cruising on my Fujin SL. For once the road construction people did something useful and built a nice round about at the junction of Hwy 8 & 22. It should make this time consuming and dangerous left turn a lot faster and safer. I felt really slow and low energy on my way out, but then realized I was fighting the wind the whole way when my return trip was in the 40kph+ range without pushing too hard! Naturally given that it is Calgary in April I started the ride in sunny weather and ended with snow flurries.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vik, is that a cycling jacket? I can not see any reflective material. BTW, you look good on your Fujin.


PS thanks for the flurries, we are getting upto 10cm tomorrow.

Vik said...

That is a wind shirt from MEC - meant for trail running I guess. It was handy when I was heading out the door so I grabbed it.

Enjoy the snow!...=-)