Thursday, April 03, 2008

Reuse? - check!

In a previous post I discussed a problem I had with the brand new OnGuard combo lock I had purchased. The vendor had refunded my money so I felt fine about the situation - except I had this almost functional, yet nearly useless lock on my hands. I considered just tossing it out, but that seemed like such a waste. All that effort to make a product, transport it and before it ever gets used it is on its way to the landfill??? Part of me just couldn't do that. At the same time what do you do with a busted lock?

Well as I pondered the situation I came to the conclusion the best thing I could do was fix it and use it. I popped the loose pin back in and used electrical tape to secure it. Then I did the same on the good side as a decoy. I replaced the nylon cover and used more electrical tape to secure it over the repair. The result is a lock that works as intended with an Achilles' heel that only a lucky or extremely determined thief would be able to discover.

Am I crazy to use this lock and risk one of my bikes just to save some steel and plastic from the landfill? Quite possibly, but at least I'm feeling good about it.

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Josh said...

Could drill it out and put a hardened bolt with a locknut on it. Then to finish it off, some electrical wire heat shrink with the glue that squirts out the ends when it's heated.