Thursday, February 08, 2007

stop snowing already....

I finally figured out why I couldn't get the Alberta Randonneurs website to load - they changed the URL to . Now that I have access to the site I was able to check the 2007 schedule of brevets and do a little planning for the rest of the year.

Prior to 2007 I was pretty keen on getting to PBP this year. I am not sure if I went out too hard too early in the enthusiasm department or if being in Canada for the first winter in a long time is just kicking my morale to the gutter, but Paris is not really on my radar at the moment. I intend to ride the Okotoks 200K brevet on 21 April for sure. My revised goals for 2007 are to complete 200K, 300K & 400K brevets. This will be a good challenge and will increase my longest ride distance by a factor of nearly 3 - not a shabby improvement.

I know how fast my attitude can change - especially if things go well on my initial brevets. I won't shut the door on PBP. In fact this whole "don't worry about it" strategy may just be an uber cunning move on my part to take the PBP stress out of my first few

Most importantly I don't want to have a great rookie year of randoneering and if I don't make it to PBP feel like I failed somehow. I'd rather shoot for a more realistic target and enjoy my successes. If I end up in Paris in August it will be that much nicer.

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