Thursday, February 08, 2007

pimp my ride

I got my SON hub in from Peter White and my Solidlights 1203D LED headlight from the UK. Both look suitably high tech. I am waiting on a Velocity rim to arrive at my LBS so I can build up the dyno front wheel and actually test everything out.

I also got a Shimano dyno hub that I'll build up for my Thorn or LHT touring bikes - not sure which one yet. I figured it would be cool to compare the Shimano to the SON and it would allow me to use the expensive Solidlights headlamp a lot more frequently than if it was only available on my Rando bike.

I installed the Terracycle light mount on my Volae. It looks like it will be a winner. By putting the light forward and down it should eliminate any strobe effect from my feet. It is a nice design - I'd like to get the light down and out a bit further though. I may give them a call and see if longer mounting arms are a possibility.

I have a Terracycle idler kit sitting on my shelf that needs installing. It will give me a cross over chainline similar to the Baccheta bikes. Although I have heard varying opinions about the quality, efficiency and noise of both types of idlers to be honest my quest is simply aesthetic. I think the cross over chainline looks cleaner and as long as there are no performance losses I am happy.

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