Friday, February 23, 2007

Mike's Ride

Mike is a rando from Vermont with a really nice Independent Fabrications rando bike. He also has a great blog with some wonderful photos. Click on the pic above to jump there.


bmike said...


Thanks for the link. As you may have seen from the RandoGoogle list I'm working on a list of Rando . Ultracycle links. I'll get you on there when I update.

Hows the training going?


Vik said...

Training?? What training? LOL...I haven't really done much training at all. A 3 week bike tour in Dec and some sporadic fluid trainer sessions. I didn't call my blog The Lazy Randonneur by accident...=-) I do have a plan though and it starts next week when I resume bike commuting 50kms a day to work. But, given the weather that will only be once or twice a week at first. I don't have any real performance goals for 2007 other than to ride 200K, 300K & 400K brevets. I think my general cycle fitness will get me through those events as long as I am comfy on my bike and with my recumbent I think ergonomic problems should be minor. I know that sounds terribly slack, but really I just want to have fun and ride my bike lots this year. If I make it too serious and have too many things to plan and do it will feel like a job and I'll demotivate myself. I did list a plan on my blog a couple weeks ago and I intend to follow, but its quite flexible. This whole year will be a big learning experience and I'll keep adjusting things as I see how my riding progresses.

I look forward to reading your list of rando links - I am sure there are some gems on the net I am missing out on.

bmike said...

Having fun is its own goal! I worked too hard last year at being serious about my bike. This year I am trying to match every 'serious' effort, event, thought, and ride with one just for fun. My new fixie has been great for this - winter riding became enjoyable again once I ditched the gears, computer, HRM, and all that other cycling paraphernalia. I'm even considering ditching the cycling specific clothing for some rides to see how it goes... I know I'll feel odd - but I think it will be strangely liberating to ride down to the lake looking like a human!

Enjoy the commuting. I do miss that about my previous job and location. Now I just walk out of the bedroom and into the office. While I love the 'freedom' of working from home - I do miss the randomness that can happen on a ride to and from the office.


Vik said...

That's great to hear Mike. Fun is the coolest thing about cycling for me. It connects me to the feeling of being a kid and just goofing off. My neighbourhood is now a whole city and I might roam a 100kms+ in a day.

I liked your fixed bike my LBS has a fixed surly I look at too much when I am in there getting parts. I bet its a lot of fun. Congrats on the new ride I hope you get a lot of smiles out of it.

I started wearing regular clothes for a lot of my riding. It is nice to be undercover when you get off the bike and it takes away a barrier between you and the "civilians" on the street. With new performance fabrics you can be just as comfy as in cycle specific clothes.

Of course when its time to hammer out my commute to work or to train for a brevet I'll done my cycle clothing and get down to it.

Its just nice to have options!