Saturday, February 10, 2007


Hostel Shoppe Large Euro Seat Bag (Extra Clothes)

Fastback Systems Double Century (bladder on left & extra food on right) + Fastback Systems Norback Frame Pack (tools, spare parts, tubes & pump)

Fastback Systems Flash Frame Pack (food & camera)


Steeker said...

Hi I have a question please.
are those two 26 wheels.if they are whats it like compared to a bent with a 26/20 wheel set up, I am planning to get a 2007 Bacchetta Giro as my first Bent but have not test rode them yet and can't deciede on a 26/26 or a 26/20

Vik said...

Yes they are 26" wheels. I had a Vision R-40 years ago with a 20" front wheel and a 26" rear wheel. I never warmed up to that bike and I sold after one summer. The smaller front wheel will mean you'll need two different tires & tubes. It would also be slower and give you a rougher ride than a 26" front wheel. Frankly the only advantage I can see to having a smaller front wheel is that the seat height and BB height can be lower.

So if you are buying your bent for casual rides or commuting I'd think about the 20" front wheel as it would make riding in stop and go traffic easier. If you want to do performance rides - especially long distances I'd get the 26" front wheel.

Steeker said...

by the way that's a sweet bike you have there