Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sidi Bullet 2

I have some hard to fit feet. Narrow heels, wide forefoot and low volume overall. My old Adidas mtn bike shoes finally bit the dust after 10 years of faithful service. I discovered that MEC carried Sidi shoes and that the Bullet 2 mtn bike model is a great fit for my oddball feet. They are quite stiff, easy to walk in and don't look too "wild" - my criterion for shoes to use on brevets. On my training rides so far they have been comfortable and trouble free - exactly what you want from shoes.
One thing I found quite funny is that Sidi included a large sheet of stickers with the shoes. Now I like these shoes a lot. I bothered to take a pic and make a post in my blog about them, but I just can't imagine getting so excited about any shoes that I would put stickers on my bike or car or anything for that matter. Not only did Sidi think I might do so - they even provided a ton of stickers so I wouldn't have to choose where I put them. Maybe in Italy shoes are a bigger deal than they are here???

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