Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm a slacker...

It's true I am lazy at the moment. Getting my butt out the door to ride in the cold is a big task. I blame it on being skinny. The lack of body fat really comes back to bite me when it is cold. However, I did manage to get in a ride today - outside even. Nothing major - just a jaunt, but it did involve a bicycle and being on the road. It was fun. It's been long enough that I managed to forget how much fun riding a bicycle is. Silly me.
The ride outside was so nice it motivated me to ride my bent on the trainer. How wonderful to do this in the sunshine for a change. Don't worry I'll be ready for that first 200K brevet and at least being over trained won't be a worry...=-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Vik, can you shed some light on your bags. The one under the seat and at the handle bar. I would like to know how much you can carry, and which brand/models the bags are?


Vik said...

Hey B,

Check out my earlier post for your answers:

I don't recall the exact sizes of each bag, but if you check out the Fastback Systems website you'll fins everything you need there.

Vik said...

The URL for my previous post got obscured - see the 10 Feb post called "Bagged"