Thursday, February 08, 2007

membership has its privileges...

I am now an offical member of RUSA (Randonneurs USA) & the BC Randonneurs. My Alberta Randonneurs membership is in the mail so soon I'll be a card carrying member of three randoneering organizations.

I joined the Alberta Randonneurs because that's my local club and I'll be riding most of my brevets with them. I joined the BC Randonneurs because I wanted one of their jerseys and I will probably try and ride one or two of their brevets later in the year. I joined RUSA for their members' handbook - which I was told was chock full of useful information. Besides I know its a lot of hard work to keep these organizations rolling and I don't mind supporting them one bit.

In the long run I'll maintain my AB & BC memberships and this will likely be my only year as a RUSA member.

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