Monday, February 19, 2007

Peter Heal

Peter is a rando from Oz who rides his homemade audax bent. Nice looking machine Peter!


Michael said...

My first 'bent was a Taifun. I loved the heck out of that little bike, but sold it for something faster because I wanted to be more competitive. I wouldn't make that same mistake again. Those dual 20" wheels accelerate like a bat out of Peoria, and the low, laid-back position is an absolute thrill ride. Peter's bike looks like it shares many of those same qualities. Great looking bike!

Vik said...

I wish I was remotely handy enough to build my own bike. For everyone's sake I stay away from welding and cutting equipment. I ride a bike much more effectively with all my fingers and toes!

Great work Peter. It looks like a very nice bike.

Michael I guess you have learned your lesson. Never sell any bikes - just keep on adding to your collection...=-)