Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why is hardly working so much hard work?

I don't understand why riding a fluid trainer is such hard work? After 30mins I am ready to get off. On the other hand I don't feel that way after 4 hours outside.

I have the music cranked and a LCD projector showing a wall sized TdeF dvd - that is as much excitement/distraction as I think is possible on a fluid trainer. Well short of working out at a nude gym!

I'll keep increasing the bike time by 5mins every week till I hit an hour or my energy/patience runs out...=-) So you see I didn't name this blog without cause.

On the brightside 30 tough minutes of riding is better than zero minutes of riding!

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Anonymous said...

Step up the rowing machine! That should help with your shoulders/upper back getting tired when riding long of your DF's... you may also want to consider an easy (light dumbless) but strict (form) upper back weight routine.

Fluid trainer is harder because, well, it's harder! That and because you can't cheat at all - there is NO coasting... no going easy... ro relaxing. They're relentless.

I use ATAC's too!