Monday, October 23, 2006

My take on "style" for brevets

I like simple clean plans. For one because they are elegant and also easy to execute. If you are tired and busy riding your bike implenting a complex plan doesn't sound a lot like fun. You also can't really precdict when you'll need to eat or sleep on a long ride - not to mention what the weather or a mehcanical might do to your schedule. Riding self-contained without support or a lot of preplanned arrangements appeals to me.

I'll carry all the equipment and supplies for the whole ride with me and restock as I go from what is available on the road. I'll make sure my clothing and gear is as lightweight and multi-functional as possible. I was already headed down the ultralight minimalist route with my other outdoor pursuits, so this will be easy. This also makes a lot of sense as this is the way I woud ride during training doing long loops outside Calgary, stopping in small towns to resupply food & fluids.

If the brevet includes loops that pass back past the start point I will resupply from my car since that is pretty simple and cost effective. If the brevet includes a drop bag service as part of the entry fees I'll probably utilize it to pre-position food & spare clothes along the course.

I am not out for a course record, nor to impress anyone so this approach will work well and let me concentrate on riding my bike rather than worrying about my "plan".

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