Sunday, October 15, 2006

"The Plan"

I figure I need to have a plan in order to ensure my readiness for the 2007 brevet series. I also know that something too rigid or extreme is unlikely to actually be realized. So here is my Lazy Randonneur Training Plan (LRTP):

Oct '06 - Feb '07
- ride my road bike on a fluid trainer at work for 1hr 2 or 3 times per week focusing on intervals.
- ride my recumbent outside whenever possible with a focus on hills to get acclimated to the position and develop my 'bent specific muscle groups.
- ride my recumbent inside on a fluid trainer for 1hr twice a week focusing on intervals.

The goal for this period will be to keep my fitness from 2006 and to improve my speed and acceleration.

March - April '07
- keeping the same items from the previous period I will add an outside ride of 50kms, 100kms or 150kms once per week as weather allows. Increasing the distance each ride.
- if possible I will ride the Okotoks 200K brevet route once.
- when the weather allows I will switch from inside lunch hour rides to my 50km commute 2 or 3 times per week.

End April - Mid-June '07
- I will be riding my 200k, 300k, 400k & 600k qualifying brevets during this period.
- my mid-week rides (mainly commuting) will be focused on recovery and preparation for the next brevet.
- whenever possible I will ride additional brevets to gain more "combat' experience.
- after the 400k and 600k brevets I will take a weekend off any serious riding to fully recover.

Mid-June - Aug '07
- I will commute 50kms 2 -3 times per week and do a long evening ride twice a week aiming for a total of four days of riding.
- I will continue riding brevets when available and if none are scheduled I will do a long weekend ride of 100-300kms and occassionaly two back to back days of 200kms+.
- I will ensure I get 2 days off the bike each week.
- If I qualified for PBP I will taper off my riding the week before and head to France!

After Aug 2007
- who knows!

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