Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why I bought a Volae Expedition

Here is why I got it:

- Waterford steel frame hand made in the US
- excellent reviews and customer feedback from many sources incl BROL & the Volae email list
- ability to fit racks and fenders and wide tires
- 4 different frame sizes and 4 different hardshell seat sizes (+ mesh seat option), more likely to get a better fit
- avid disc brakes
- velocity wheels
- ability to remove and reinstall seat quickly without affecting seat position
- rigid stem riser
- Volae would ship my bike directly to me so I didn't have to drive to a dealer. Living in Canada who knows where that might have been?
- Volae was willing to modify the spec of the bike to meet my needs
- Hostel Shoppe service sounded outstanding (and was/is)
- Volae return policy (if I didn't like it I could send it back)

Once I decided to order an Expedition I spoke with Rolf 3 or 4 times for probably over 45mins and then had numerous email exchanges with Volae. He was really interested in getting the right fit and setting up the bike for my needs. If we needed to talk for an additional hour I have no doubt he would have kept going until he felt he had all the info he needed. I have owned numerous bikes and this is by far the most attention and best customer service I have rec'd during any purchase.

My bike arrived really well packed and required minimal assembly. The build and paint quality were outstanding. I have taken the bike over packed dirt/grass for 2-3kms with no problems and I have done two long night rides. This blog has all the gory details about my experiences if you are interested.

My suggestion is if in doubt order one try it out and send it back if you are not pleased.

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