Sunday, October 29, 2006

I hate you California...

I woke up this morning to a blanket of white loveliness covering the world as far as my eyes could see from my 11th floor apartment. It is beautiful indeed, but it is also cold and makes cycling a challenge. The biggest difficulty is not traction or cold weather. It's not slushy snow or incompetent drivers. It's not trashing my lovely bikes or having components freeze up. The biggest hurdle to overcome is what to do with a wet dirty drippy bike when I get back to my building?

Locking a bike outside is against my core principles and I would struggle with my conscience - not to mention my bike wouldn't be there after a while. Even my winter bike is nicer than a lot of people's only bike! I might put an old piece of carpet outside my apt and leave the bike there to dry out before bringing it in - although I suspect my neighbours and building manager may not go for a gnarly wet, smelly rug in the hallway. Perhaps I can store my winter bike in the shell of my pick up truck? Of course I not only have to deal with my bike, but Anna is thinking of commuting to her new job this winter.

Oh well. I'll sort something out. Anyways California - now you understand why I have to "hate" you.

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Jim said...

WONDERFUL Blog page, will be adding it to my tab. Pondering first Brevet next Spring in Driggs, Idaho. So, we will be sharing some similar experiences. I enjoy all your posts. Haven't written in my site for a bit, lack of mental energy to write. Will work on it though.

nice photography, too.

JF Rudnicki