Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finicky Fenders

I bought a fender set for my Volae when I ordered it. Pretty non-descript black plastic fenders, but they look like they'll do the job. No instructions came with them and as it turns out you need to discard the mounting tabs that are on the fenders and use another set provided. Its not rocket science, but a simple page of instructions could reduce the confusion dramatically. Update - I found some instructions on the Volae site after all.

A California Expedition owner posted some pics of his bike and has some tips on installing these fenders. Have a look at his pics and all will become clear! Update - he switched to SKS P35 700C fenders because he was using a narrower tire. Have a look at his new fenders.

Vik's Fender Installation Tips:

1. use locktite on all bolts.
2. be careful not to strip the heads of the tiny fender screws.

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FLYBYU said...

Just stumbled across your blog while reading BROL. Nice to see another fellow Canadian bent rider. I'll put this in my favorites now.