Friday, April 13, 2007


My gear is packed. My clothes are laid out for tomorrow's 200K. Two alarms are set for 6am. I'm going to take my bike out tonight for a run around the block to make sure my shifting is dialed in and then I'll lock it in my truck. All I have to do tomorrow is get up eat some breakfast, drink some tea and drive to the start.

I went over the route in MS Streets & Trips to make sure I knew all the key turns and distances. I used my OCD superpowers and made up a laminated double sided route card that I'll wear around my neck on a lanyard. The card will be a good reminder of when and where to turn.

I'm mildly freaked out - not of anything specific, but simply because it is a completely new undertaking.

I leave my apartment tomorrow at 6:30am a cyclist and with any luck I'll return in the early evening an honest to goodness Rando-Nerd! Sweet!

To all the Randonnuers about to ride a brevet tomorrow - I salute you!...=-)


Tanya said...

Best wishes on your brevet! I love the laminated card idea. On my first and only brevet so far my route sheet disintegrated in the rain about 170k mark or so. Luckily the small group stuck together so I had people to follow :) (of course this was a crazy urban brevet where there were FOUR pages of route sheets for 200k so it may have been more like a book of neck cards...) Looking forward to reading about how your ride went.

Anonymous said...

Sorry late to wish you well Vik, but that was/is a great idea to laminate the route. Hope you have a great time on your ride. Hopefully those pics you showed of the weather the other are gone, you know Calgary's chinooks.


Anna said...

Good Luck - lazy randonneur! May the roads be clear, the winds supporting and the bike flawless (of course it is!)