Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fat Rubber is Good for Recumbents

Zach Kaplan wrote a nice blog post on the RCN site about why using wider tires on a bent makes sense. I tend to agree - running 32mm tires on my brevet bike. I'm going to keep rolling with this fat rubber and see what my experiences this year are like. I also have some 28mm Stelivios I could use and I may do some trials with these later in the year when the roads are free of gravel and sand. Click on the pic above to jump to Zach's article.

A recent Bicycle Quarterly article also reported experimental results that some wider tires were faster than some narrower high pressure tires. Also within a reasonable range tire pressure did not have a significant impact on speed. This article made a very good point and that is just because a tire is narrow and high pressure does not make it faster. The upshot is that you really need to verify the assumptions you have about your tires through your own empirical tests.

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