Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Selling my BikeE - sold!

Update: Cathy L from Grande Prairie will be the happy new owner of my BikeE. Congrats Cathy - I hope you get many happy miles from it.

The number of bicycles I have is bordering on the absurd and I need to reduce the fleet. If anyone wants a lightly used BikeE I have a lovely one I'd like to sell.

BikeE CT [~300kms]
- black XL frame
- fenders [new]
- BikeE underseat rack [new]
- BikeE frame bag [attached on top of frame in front of seat] - new
- Cateye Bike computer
- Why Tool-E hidden tool tray
- Bob Nutz for attaching a Bob trailer
- bell
- mirror
- upgraded to shimano Mega range cassette for lower gearing

I'd like $500CDN + shipping.


Steeker said...

that bike combined with a cargo trailer would be a FINE shopping bike Vic :-)

Vik said...

I agree!

bmike said...

Wow. Never seen a bikeE before. No offense Vik, but that is one goofy looking ride.

I appreciate the average bent as something different... but this is something different entirely!