Monday, April 16, 2007

Richard's M5 Bents - Line of Site

I posted some pics of Richard's M5 bents on 12 April. B (from Ottawa) requested some cockpit pics to see what the line of sight looked like. Richard was kind enough to take some additional pics to satisfy this request - thanks Richard!

Hi Vik
Here are some photos of the Shockproof with me in riding position and over the handlebars to show what the view of the road looks like. Kathy and I did this with the 20 20 ECO and the Lowracer as well. It was interesting to note that the view was about the same from each bike. I could see a Coke can placed about 16 feet (the width of two parking spaces) in front of the bikes. The thumbrakes helped on the Shockproof. They got some of the cabling and the levers out of the view. I am going to do this to the Lowracer as well. Another modification I am considering is remachining the shifters so the cables come out of them and straight down the handlebar stem. They are very awkward on the narrow bars now.


M5 20/20 Eco

M5 Shockproof 451

M5 Cro-Mo Lowracer


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Vik, Richard and Kathy. The pictures do show how well you can see over the bars. I like the fact that you used the Coke can. Is 16ft good enough to dodge killer pot holes though? Anyways the B is for Brian.


Vik said...

Hey Brian,

Not sure about the killer potholes, but I tend to look over my bars most of the time on my bent, but I do look under them if I am checking out something that is partially blocked by them.

I knew the B was for Brian, but since you use B all the time I thought maybe it was some hip urban nickname and didn't want to offend you...=-)