Saturday, April 14, 2007

Strathmore 200K - 14 April 2007

I gotta head out of town to Red Deer ASAP so here is the short version. I'll post a complete report Monday:

- first 100K went great 28kph on bike avg, kept close to lead pack of 10 riders.
- second 100K bad head winds and inadequate preparation ended up in a bit of a death march. On bike avg ~18.5kph.

Weather: cool to warm, over cast - no precipitation

Ride Stats:

Total Distance = 202kms
Ride Time Overall = 9:44hrs
On Bike Time = 9:04hrs
Overall Avg Speed = 20.8kph
On Bike Avg Speed = 22.3kph

Major Lessons Learned:

- must ride more
- reading brevet reports online is not good training for riding them!

Thanks for all the comments and emails - your support was appreciated especially towards the middle of the second 100k...=-)


Steeker said...

YAY good for you Vic !!! glad you made it ( did you do the pay up for the 200K medal before the ride ?) and how about a longggggggg night ride 300K ????

bmike said...

Well Done Vik!
I did my first 200k in 9:46.
Good work.

I've found the faster I want to go, the slower I ride. When I head out to just ride... I'm usually pleasantly surprised.

About riding more - yup. Me too.


Jimboblay said...

Way to go! Congratulations - that is a LONG way to ride, especially just coming out of an Alberta winter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick report Vik, good time I would say. What about putting a talking GPS on the Bacchetta. I can just imagine being a fellow cyclist behind hearing the voice. "No your other right" :-). Good on you, waiting for report.


JRA, Mike said...

Congrats on finishing your first bevet!! Don't sweat the conditioning bit - it's not your drive limiting it, you've just had a white spring in your neck of the woods.

I"m finding the bug bites even more after the first 200. Go ride a 100 next weekend and you'll feel like superhero.

mrLee said...

Congrats, don't worry about the speed-those headwinds can be demoralizing....have done several out and backs where I had a great first half outbound and was punished by headwinds on the return. It's always nicer to have a tailwind on the second half of the ride, but it never seems to work out that way......

Vik said...

Thanks for all the nice words. I definitely had fun and am looking forward to more brevets this year. I'll make some changes to my bike/gear setup and get more riding in. The nice thing about an early season ride like this is that there is nowhere to go but up...=-)

Michael said...

Whoohoo! You are a true randonneur now!