Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snow Biking

...from the Surly Blog.

I love all the wicked snow biking pictures people post online. In my dreams I'm an avid snow biking madman. But truth be told I'm really happy It is dry outside and we've only had one good snowfall so far this winter. I'll be out riding my anemic 20" x 1.3" tires later - loving the fact it is only a bit below freezing, that I'm getting great traction and that my bike isn't getting crazy dirty. I know that makes me a bad snow biker, but the reality is global warming is going to make my part of Canada a Desert Biker's dream....=-)

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Jerome said...

I think I'm a snow biker with out a snow bike. So sad isn't it?? Some day, I'm sure you and I will both have snow bikes. (fingers crossed) Who knows, maybe someday we'll even have snow to ride them in? ha, ha.