Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sherpa Hauling Recycling

I was able to try out my Surly Nice rack today. Sadly not on a gravel road through the Canadian Arctic. But an important mission to the recycling depot. I had neglected to take this stuff in when I only had two panniers worth. By now the mass of paper, plastic, cans and glass had grown to a quite a load. Having a front platform was handy when I ran out of space everywhere else. Although it was hardly a fitting test for this burley rack at least I was able to put a few KMs on it and enjoy the utility of my own pedal powered truck....=-)


Lee said...

Great post, Vic. Though we all love to go on long rides through pristine countrysides, stories of bikes being used for practical everyday tasks in lieu of automobiles are the stories I enjoy the most.

Vik said...

Thanks! I love utility/transport biking. It feels really good to get useful tasks done using your own steam.

Plus a bike can haul a huge amount of stuff. I have a BOB trailer I can hook up to my Sherpa when I really want to go overboard with my cargo!