Sunday, January 20, 2008

See you in TO!

I'm flying to London, Ontario tonight and will be in Toronto next weekend. I have no idea if the roads are in any condition to enjoy a fun ride, but I'll have my Dahon with me should things look promising. If any of the TO OHPVA crew are interested in a ride and/or just hooking up for a chat/bite to eat/drink. Just let me know I can be available Sat & Sun next weekend. Even if things are hellishly wintery I'll make the trek down to Urbane to look around the shop.

Photo poached from here.


Steeker said...

Well the 25th is the Critical Mass Bike ride and if the roads are clear and dry I might bring out the Hurricane , or meet ya at Urbanes then off to mountain cop on Saturday.

Vik said...

I've never done a CM ride. Let me know if you are going. I'm not 100% sure I'll be in TO Friday, but depending how work goes I might get away early.

Urbane on Saturday sounds good.

Steeker said...

winter CM rides are small but still fun, you should do a summer ride with 300 other riders , NOW THAT'S FUNNNNN !! , this Saturday is fine Bro , I'll let ya know as it gets closer to the weekend , =8^)

Jerome said...

Good ole, London ON. I installed almost every bit of conveyor (probably beat to shit now) in that airport. Gerry Holden is the director of engineering and a great guy. Very demanding but great.

That was my first CATSA job. Worry not Vik, the baggage conveyors there shall surely look after your luggage!

I was almost mugged at a Beer Store there, witness to a car bad crash and stayed in some terrible hotels there. Ah, London, brings back memories!