Thursday, January 03, 2008

Got it!

After yet another failed attempt to get the Hurricane's front tire on AND the tube un-punctured I decided to pump the tire up to around 100 psi and let the air find its way out the slow leak I had inflicted on the tube as I mounted the tire. I repeated the process a couple times hoping to stretch the tire a little. It seemed to work as the next time I tried to get the tire on it went on more easily and I was able to avoid putting a hole in the tube.

I've never had to battle this hard to mount a tire. Thankfully it's on and by the time it needs to come off again it should be quite a lot easier to deal with. The upside to all this hassle is that I feel a great sense of satisfaction and I know that icy cold Corona in my fridge is going to taste ever so delicious now that this job is done...=-)


Jerome said...

Enjoy that Corona Vik!

I've notice that with new tires also. I thing they are actually harder to fit the first time than the second. I bought some specialized nibus slicks for one of my bikes, the first time was a bitch. After changing them out for my studded tires and then back, this spring they were far easier to shod. Cheers!

Steeker said...

been there before and it sucks, but I bett that beer tasted really nice :-)